Hi, my name is Nitish Tandon. I am a digital graphic designer and have created this site as an online portfolio showcasing some of my personal projects as well as external projects.

I have attended Vanier College in a program called Micropublishing & Hypermedia. In this program I have learned to use specialized programs in the Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection as well as other complimentary programs.

In addition to this, I have attended courses that enabled me to enhance my knowledge in marketing and promotion as well as organizational behaviour.

I have worked on many projects including; promotional documents, internal publications, reports, ad campaigns and websites (to name a few).

I've also taken a translation course in order to effectively produce documents both in French and in English. As a designer, I find it's important to be able to communicate with clients, so this skill would prove to be beneficial in terms of communication.

When it comes to a project, I make sure it gets done no matter what. I use my interest in what I do as motivation to make sure any task gets done.

Among many other design and promotional work, my main skills involve website creation and design, logo and graphic creation, company profiling and promotional document creation. This is done through the utilization of professional design software that enables me to use my knowledge to create the best possible designs or projects to match your company's look.

I have done many projects for various companies and individuals whether it be website creation, logo creation or even create a series of pictograms to be universally understood.

The project I enjoyed doing the most involved pictogram creation. There's just something about making pictograms that made every minute spent on the project enjoyable. These were made for a community center opening up in Saint-Laurent. The thing with pictograms is that you have to make sure that everybody can understand them.

But enough about me. If you wish to contact me for small projects or even just to say hi, feel free to send me an e-mail by clicking the contact link above.